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Most people have the ability to sense if someone is lying to them.

The falsehood might be tipped off by certain non-verbal indicators of nervousness.

Or it might be tipped off by a glaring incongruency between words and facts.

Whatever the case, it is never a good moment when lying occurs and our “Something smells!” sensor starts flashing.

That’s why we’re called to always be truthful.

It is actually quite comforting to have a friendship with someone who never lies to you.
vIt builds trust.

And without trust, there can be no emotional intimacy, whether in a romantic relationship or with a “buddy” relationship.

I have a number of friends with whom I have complete trust that they won’t lie to me.

It’s really good.

I’d never want a kiss from them on my lips — something that I reserve for my wife Lori — but the depth of my appreciation for their integrity is still profound.

Why the reference to a kiss?

Consider these words from Solomon:

An honest answer
 is like a kiss of friendship.” (Proverbs 24:26)

Be truthful in all your communications. Let’s reject the twisting of facts or others’ words in order to put ourselves ahead of others.

We won’t always like one another’s words, But at least we can embrace one another with a shared commitment to integrity and mutual well-being.

As always, I love you

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