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No believer should add fuel to the fires of gossip at work or home or school or at church.

Gossip is so clearly opposed to God’s will and fuels division, not unity.

Of course, you already know this so why am I bringing it up again?

Because God keeps bringing it up in the teachings of scripture.

Apparently, gossip is a recurring flaw of human nature and we have a recurring need to be reminded of how disgusted God is with such behavior.

We’ve all been sliced and diced by gossip and we know how it stings to learn others are trashing us.

Sadly, we’ve all sinned somewhere along the way and joined in the slicing and dicing of another.

I thank God that we have a merciful Abba Father willing to forgive us.

And I thank God that He gives us repeated opportunities to forgive those who gossip about us.

The best way to avoid the trap of gossip is to learn and remember scripture.

For it is that roadmap of faith that can keep us on the path of godliness when Satan is luring us down the detour of divisive comments.

Here’s a message from today’s devotional reading that we should share with others. Doing so just might reduce the amount of costly gossip circulating in your corner of the world, even that spewing from your own mouth.

“Fire goes out without wood, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops.” (Proverbs 26:20)

Life is more enjoyable when we’re not embroiled in quarrels. Let’s do all that we can to keep from “feeding the beast” of gossip.

God will be be pleased. And we’ll have more peace.

As always, I love you

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It’s not easy to hear but the fact is that we’ve all played the role of Pontius Pilate.

We’ve all had times when we threw Jesus under the bus.

I’m talking about those times when the fork in the road had “Right” on one side and “Wrong” on the other.

Incredibly, we chose the path of fear and flesh over the path of faith and integrity.

You’ll recall that Pilate had the choice to free Jesus since he was the Roman governor and had authority over all legal decisions involving execution.

And you also know that Pilate didn’t care about what the god of the Jews thought since he seemingly didn’t even believe in the god of the Jews.

But even Pilate had feet of clay in the face of bloodthirsty Jesus-haters.

“Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified.” (Mark 15:15)

The back story of this moment is that Jewish bigshots had made it clear to Pilate that letting Jesus go would probably cost him his job because they would tattle to Caesar in Rome about the freeing of a self-proclaimed king, albeit a spiritual one.

The job was more important than doing what was right, in Pilate’s mind.

Simply put, wrong was preferred over right.

That’s often what happens when we want to satisfy the crowd.

We’re caving in.

We’re choosing wrong over right.

We’re throwing Jesus under the bus.

When we gossip because others are gossiping.

When we get booze-buzzed because others are getting booze-buzzed.

When we steal things or unproductive hourly pay from work just because others are doing so.

When we lust at a nightclub or rented videos because others are lusting at nightclubs or rented videos.

When we refuse to forgive because others haven’t forgiven us.

There’s really only one crowd that really matters when it comes to satisfying them — the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If our choices please them, we’ll know we’re taking the right turns through life and Pilate’s story will remain in the pages of the Bible rather in shameful, public view in our lives.

And we’ll let Jesus drive the bus rather than throwing Him under it.

As always, I love you

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I was blessed this morning when I read the blogsite article from our youngest daughter, Melissa.

She serves as a children’s minister with Wellspring Christian Church south of Nashville, TN and is being used by the Lord there in wonderful ways.

Of course, I am proud of her. But I’m more pleased with how God is shaping her for even better service and blessings in the years ahead.

Here is her article that brims with vibrancy and humility. It also contains a powerful observation about gender-specific sin struggles that I had not heard before but which is ABSOLUTELY true.

I’m sure that you’ll connect with her experiences on some points. As we all become more careful to imitate Christ, the world will be better off and the Gospel will become more influential in our corners of the world.

The complete article is below, but I also encourage you to click on this link in order to post a comment on her blog.

Football and the Brady Bunch

Yesterday my friend/preacher/boss taught out of James on “Taming the Tongue.”


It’s a priority for me to attend service and I also want my volunteers to make it a priority. It’s pretty basic, to feed we need fed. It was a particularly busy morning so I thought that I could skip just this once. I checked and chatted with most of my teachers and then decided to go into service.

I heard the sermon title and thought, “Maaaan.” It occurred to me yesterday that as men struggle with things like lust, pornography etc., women struggle with gossip, slander etc. It is tricky though, because we don’t have accountability computer software that pops up when we are gossiping.

We can wrap up our gossip with the label of “trying to solve a problem,” “seeking advice” or maybe even a “prayer request.”

I am sooo guilty. I was talking with a very close friend of mine during the sermon (yeah, I know…shame on me) about how my friend and I tend to “try and solve problems” a lot.

Here is where I pretend to know football…

It is my understanding that when someone does something wrong in the game, the ref can throw a penalty flag. This lets everyone know a penalty has been committed and they can’t do that again.

I told my friend that she and I needed a flag for our conversations. Every time we were sharing things not applying to each other or saying something that is “next door to not nice,” then we need to say “FLAG!”

Try this today and see how many penalty flags you throw…

Of course, Andy (Hudleson) didn’t leave us all sitting in a puddle of guilt. He supplied us with some ways to help tame our tongue. One of the things he mentioned was to encourage people.

That seems easy enough but in reality, we do make that weird. Just this morning, I was complimenting someone online. He already had a few compliments and I thought to myself, “Yeah, Andy tells us to encourage and we all go Brady Bunch”.

Don’t judge me.

Have you sincerely encouraged anyone lately? If you haven’t, try encouraging your children’s church volunteers. They work so hard for your kids and, yes, I am biased.

Melissa Cook, children’s minister
Wellspring Christian Church

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