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I want to have 21-21 vision.

Yes, that’s right.

When I look at life through the lens of Proverbs 21:21, my life will be so much better.

“Whoever pursues righteousness and unfailing love will find life, righteousness, and honor.”

Jesus pursued righteousness and unfailing love and look at how amazingly His life impacted the world.

Look at the glorious blessings He’s receiving in eternity as He sits at the right hand of God.

You’ve known people who pursued righteousness and unfailing love during their days on earth and who now are experiencing perfect life, infinite righteousness and divinely given honor as they are with Christ in Paradise.

Satan will try to trap you and me today with temptations to think or do wrong.

He will whisper that showing meanness will make us feel better than showing mercy.

Let’s never forget that he’s a liar who only wants to destroy our souls and our influence for the Gospel.

Embrace passionately today your need for 21:21 vision.

The reward is out of this world.

As always, I love you

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Imagine being given the choice between staying chained to the railing of a sinking ship or having a seven-pound anchor shackled to your leg before you abandoned ship.

What a terrible choice! Of course, one choice offers no hope of survival. The other provides little confidence of being rescued, though.

It’s hard enough to stay afloat or swim with no additional weight pulling us down and having to compensate for more weight pulling us down would exhaust us in no time and we’d continually be gripped with fear of death.

Listen, God doesn’t want us to face such anxiety. That’s why He calls us into relationship with Him.

Without Him, we’re going down sooner or later because nobody can be perfect and thus earn eternal life.

But when our hearts are placed into His hands, we no longer have to worry about if our spiritual ship is sinking.

You see, nothing of this world is taking the Kingdom of God down or Satan would have already succeeded in doing so.

Remember that Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against God’s Kingdom.

And when our hearts are placed into God’s hands, we no longer have to swim with the anchor of guilt because God offers the promise that we are “new creations” in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17), the old has gone away.

Living and serving God without fear of His wrath and in ways that please Him and instruct others — this is our mission as believers as taught in Luke 1.

Embedded in that chapter’s words involving the birth of John the Baptist are these compelling, inspiring words that describe the life that God intended to bring to Israel through the advent of this future prophet.

We have been rescued from our enemies so we can serve God without fear, in holiness and righteousness for as long as we live.” (vv. 74-75)

Please join me in committing this passage to memory. For it captures the core of what God wants from us — confident minds, holy hearts and godly choices.

Boldness. Holiness. Righteousness. For as long as we live.

Let’s do this.

As always, I love you

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The Bible says that Noah was a righteous man and suggests that was the reason God selected him to build the ark and to be the lead survivor after the coming, worldwide flood.

We don’t read in scripture, though, of Noah’s profound spiritual writings or his wonderful worship singing or even of his perfect Sunday School attendance.

So how can we know that Noah was righteous?

Matthew 7:20 quotes Jesus as saying, “By their fruit you will recognize them.”

And in Genesis 6:22 and 7:5, we see crystal clear indicators that help us to recognize Noah’s righteousness.

When given instructions for building the largest ship — perhaps the only ship — the world had ever seen in order to provide deliverance from a flood unlike the world had ever seen, “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” (Genesis 6:22).

And when given the instructions regarding the number and types of creatures to allow into the ark, there was no debate — “And Noah did all that the Lord commanded him.” (Genesis 7:5).

The lesson for us? If we are to be considered righteous in God’s sight, we are to be obedient to God’s will.

Even when we don’t understand it all and perhaps it involves serving in a way that is all new to us.

Listen, sometime today or this week, the voice of God’s Spirit will call you to do something that is new to you and that might not make sense to the people around you.

Remember, though, there is ultimately a deliverance-from-harm purpose to that leading.

Build the ark of a more righteous lifestyle, my friend. Be separate in behavior from the unrighteousness that surrounds you. Call your family members to join you.

For you never know when the flood of death will come against you or they or the entire world at Christ’s return.

Never forget that we serve a God who wants to deliver the righteous.

As always, I love you

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